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Localist Welcomes Adrienne!


We have a new team member at Localist. Meet Adrienne, our Content Marketing Manager. Check out her story below.

Life Before Localist

When I was in college, I knew I was going to be in either human resources or a journalist.  What else can someone with a Women’s Studies and English degree do, right? Well, when the economy tanked right before graduation, I did some soul searching and landed my first internship in PR, permanently changing my career path.

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After securing a MA in Communication from Johns Hopkins, I put theory into practice by freelancing and starting the networking group and blog I Heart Social Media DC.

For years, my work experience revolved around social media and public relations. I’ve witnessed the industry transform from something just for the intern to run, to a key component in a brand’s marketing program. I love the storytelling aspect of social media and work to help organizations cut through the noise and connect with their audiences, regardless of their industry.

Why I Chose Localist

As soon as I found Localist through social media, I was hooked. I’ve seen my fair share of marketing tool fails and wins, and Localist is definitely a win with its clean, easy to use interface. However, it was Localist’s culture that really sealed the deal. It didn’t hurt that they have free snacks in the office!

Fun Facts About Me


  • When I’m not online or at work, you can probably find me in a spinning class. I’m addicted!
  • My favorite things are wine & brunch, (they don’t have to be together).
  • I love taking a day trip to the wineries in Virginia.
  • I always thought I’d move west, but between living in Philly, Atlanta and now D.C., I can’t imagine being anything else but an East Coast girl.
  • When I’m in the kitchen, I usually find myself critiquing my dishes like I imagine Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio would.
  • You can find me on Twitter @SocialMediaDC. Tweet me!

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