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Localist Announcement: New Photo Library

Photos are often the biggest window into an event and the first thing that catches your audience’s eye. Your events aren’t all the same, so why would their photos be?

Here at Localist, we’re making it easier for you and your users to always assign engaging and on-brand photos to your events. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched three dynamic features to make this possible.

1. Photo Library: this new feature comes as a part of a redesigned photo entry experience. It enables you to curate photos for your admins and users to select from directly within the event submission form.

2. Photo Overrides in Feeds: you can now select a photo to be applied to all events from a specific feed as they import into Localist. For example, applying a photo of a mascot to a feed of athletics events. This means you’ll never have to manually update these events just to make sure they have a photo.

3. Event Type Automatic Photo: you can now assign a photo to an Event Type. For example, assigning a corresponding photo to a concert type for events without unique photos to inherit. This means if a user doesn’t upload a unique photo or select one from the Photo Library, their event will still display a relevant, on-brand photo.

Taken together, these new features will allow you to ensure that the right picture is assigned to every event, and that images are both engaging and on-brand, making for a seamless calendar experience.

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