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5 Ways an Online Calendar Boosts Church Attendance

By Emily Haigis

If you don’t think your religious organization needs an online events calendar, here are some reasons to rethink how a calendar can be used: 

When you think of the word “event,” what does that mean in the context of a church, or synagogue? Masses, confession times, meetings, feast days, bible studies, fundraisers, choir or band practices, before or after service meals, vacation bible school camps, yard sales, youth group meetings, children’s services, sunday school, retreats, bilingual services, adoration hours, communion services, holidays, guest speakers, mission trips, and food or blood drives.

That’s a big list;  over twenty events categories that will thrive in an online event calendar. Even though a handful of these events are weekly or monthly recurring events, such as masses and meetings, keeping these happenings organized in one central online location will lead to:

  • Easier event management

  • Increased involvement among your parishioners

  • Higher engagement from the outside community

  • The possibility of new members or visitors immediately becoming active participants.

To make these benefits a reality for your religious organization, here are five tools that will take your calendar beyond the usual bulletins and in-service announcements: 

1. Newsletters.

Send your members a reminder or update for the future events forecast especially when there is something on the horizon that is outside the typical recurring events list. 

2. Map.

Many church-related events often happen off-site, such as at the homes of members, or volunteer locations. Provide your community with instantaneous access to a map of the location to eliminate confusion.

3. Social sharing.

Let your members take charge of promoting the events, whether it be a Sunday service or community yard sale, to their friends and family who are non-members via social media platforms. 

4. Recurring events.

Simplify how your calendar is curated so that your church’s core schedule can be put in place without creating a post for every week. By designating a recurring schedule for Sunday masses or Tuesday night choir practices, your administrators can spend minutes per week managing the calendar. 

5.RSVP functionality.

Help your members to better plan for events, such as after service meals or volunteer opportunities, by allowing RSVPs to be entered right in your calendar.

For more information on using an events calendar, please visit our website and request a free demo.

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