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Localist’s API is quite popular. Last month, we received over 6 million API hits for event content alone! Our Lead Developer, Eric, has been hard at work over the past month making major improvements. After rigorous testing, we’re happy to announce the launch of Localist API 2.1.

With our core focus being events, the API was initially built with an emphasis on making event data as accessible as possible. But, as our customers integrate Localist into their apps, websites, and other media, we occasionally received requests to make more content available.

With the launch of 2.1, virtually all content in your Localist Calendar is available in the API. It’s not just about Events anymore; you can access Places, Groups, Photos, Filters, and everything in between!

We know a lot of you are excited about pulling this new content into your projects, which is why we took a fresh look at our documentation to ensure it’s as intuitive and thorough as possible using real-world examples. Who knew even an API could be fun to work with?

We couldn’t be more excited to see how you use these new API features.

P.S. In order to smooth the transition from API 2.0 to 2.1, we will be making 2.1 the default API on October 22nd, 2013. For now, API 2.1 must be specifically accessed by appending a /2.1/ to your API call. Click here for more details.

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