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Localist Announcement: Launch of Salesforce Integration

If you’re hosting events for the benefit of your organization, you’re going to want to track their outcome. Who showed up? Which were the most popular events? Is there an event type that’s consistently a winner for your organization, or a format that you’d be better off discontinuing?

Let’s say you’re hosting a lecture series on Tuesday and Saturday evenings. You want to see which day of the week is more appealing to attendees, and how attendance at that lecture series compares to past lectures. Take it a step further -- how does it compare to movie screenings your organization has hosted? What about Tuesday lectures at the same venue that were free instead of having a fee?

All of these questions are insightful, but without data, you won’t be able to draw conclusions. While you can guess at attendance based on interest and RSVPs, you won’t know how successful an event is until the day it happens.

Many organizations use Salesforce to track these kind of metrics and, here at Localist, we’re making it even easier for your admins with our new Salesforce integration.

We’re bringing over the raw event data and information on the people who attended; you can generate reports in Salesforce that will pull all your desired different combinations. It’s the same system you’re familiar with, with a twist: all Localist data will be searchable and reportable without requiring a heavy lift from your IT team. It’s a seamless integration that removes technical barriers from the desired marketing outcome. Put another way, it just works.

No matter how you’re currently using Salesforce, the addition of your Localist data will supplement that usage, allowing you to report on succinct, automated campaigns throughout the event lifecycle. Track your attendees from the top of the event funnel until their conversion, and never miss a beat with your reporting.

Interested in implementing the Localist Salesforce integration for your account today? Request a demo or speak with your customer success rep.

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Localist Announcement: New Site, Same Service

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