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Little Things of the Week

By Emily Haigis

One day a week, we dedicate our development efforts to “little things.” Feature requests, or tweaks to the system, that don’t take long to build, but have a positive impact for Localist administrators or audience members.

Here are our recent Little Things:

Newsletter send times
We’ve added two more newsletter times. As well as sending at 9am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm, you can now send newsletters to your users at 7am and 8am.

Social media integrations
You can now link to Facebook and Twitter pages on Groups, Departments, and Places. Linking to these social media profiles will display the icons and links on each respective profile page.

End-user notifications
When a user submits an event they will now receive an email confirmation.

Custom event rejection messages
If a user-submitted event needs to be rejected, admins now have the option of adding a note to the submitter to explain why their event was not approved.

New view templates
This is a more behind-the-scenes  update, but was a major project. All public-facing views on the calendar were effectively re-created from scratch using the Liquid templating language. This will allow Platform Admins to completely change all aspects of the HTML on their calendar. This was the first step, with more coming soon.

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