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Little Things of the Week

By Emily Haigis

One day a week, we dedicate our product development efforts to “little things”; feature requests, or tweaks to the system, that don’t take long to build, but have a positive impact for Localist administrators and audience members.

Our recent “Little Things” focus on streamlining your audience’s experience. Key word? “Redesigned!”

Redesigned User Messages

Messages in Localist are used to handle friend requests, event invitations, and plain old messages, like asking a friend if they’re going to be attending an upcoming event. Over the years, we’ve seen its usage change, so we’ve adapted the design to reflect this. Friend and group requests and invites have been moved (see below), and the overall design reflects more of a “chat” interface than email. The result: very intuitive and quick messaging, with a much simpler interface.


Redesigned User Dashboard / Unified Activity Feed

A completely redesigned user dashboard now allows users to respond to event invitations, friend requests, group membership requests, and see their latest activity, all in one feed. Users can also instantly see the status of any pending event submissions so they aren’t left wondering.


Redesigned Popup Boxes

Modal (pop up) boxes have been updated for more intuitive usage. Additionally, a sign up link has been added to the login form to increase audience engagement. Localist has tons of login options; all the ones you choose will be available from this single login window.


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