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Just Do It: The Journey to Creating Prolific Content


Content is king, create better content, and most importantly, quality over quantity are common sayings that are ingrained in almost every speech, blog post or video about content marketing. They’re used so frequently, it would probably be a bad idea to use them in a drinking game during a marketing conference.


So how can you go beyond regurgitating content marketing sayings to becoming a prolific content marketer?

During Jay Acunzo’s session at Content Marketing World, “Create Ugly: Clever, Sneaky, and Downright Brilliant Ways Prolific Content Creators Make Quality vs. Quantity a Pointless Debate,” he boldly told marketers that they would have to start thinking differently if they want to create prolific content.

There were so many great anecdotes and points, it was hard to fit them all into one post. Here are a few of Jay’s key points.

Think Quality AND Quantity

What’s the opposite of hot? Cold. What’s the opposite of quality? Perhaps bad, crap, or the made up word un-quality, but as Jay explained, it’s certainly not quantity. So how did the battle of quality over quantity become a thing in the content marketing world? It should be a nonissue in regards to prolific content.

At the end of the day, people want good content and they want as much of it as possible.

You can have both quality content and a larger quantity of it by repurposing your content for different channels and initiatives. Think smart, don’t become a work horse for content.

Take The Leap

To illustrate this point, Jay talked about the time he had to create an ebook. He had the content down, but he still needed a cover. As a non-graphic designer, he started to look at pictures, which led him down a rabbit hole. Jay turned to Pinterest for inspiration, but after realizing he had no idea what he was looking at, he decided to Google “ebook covers.” Then he realized, he didn’t know if they were any good so he Googled “best ebook covers.”

He kept going deeper into the rabbit hole and before he knew it he spent too much time researching and was no closer to having an ebook cover.

According to Jay, most marketers dip their toes in the water while prolific content marketers just leap in. Being cautious doesn’t really make us any better in marketing. You get better through actually doing it.

If you keep trying, you’ll eventually reach your goal of greatness. Jay argued that people who refuse to act never reach awesomeness, rather fatigue, which gets them locked into checking off boxes and arriving at the crapping point (where content becomes crappy).

Flex Your Creative Skills

How do you do this? Be creative, take a leap. Try something new. Don’t worry if you’re good at it, just do it.

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If you’re a little afraid to try it on the job, Jay suggests doing a side project. One of his former colleagues (who isn’t a graphic designer) decided to make funny graphics and edit his vacation photos just for fun.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t? Try it out on your personal blog or a client for your freelance business. Whatever you do, take a risk and then apply it to your day job. You’ll get out of your content rut in no time.

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Find Joy in the Journey

Jay emphasized how prolific content creators have an intrinsic desire to create. Don’t confuse that with doing things just to do them. As marketers, we can become guilty of simply focusing on checking off our never ending to do lists and looking at the end game. “You don’t eat ice cream for the empty bowl,”  Jay explains.


Like eating your favorite dish, content shouldn’t be a chore. If you simply focus on your checklist, your content won’t shine, rather it will merely exist. What’s the point of that? Remember why you create and got into content marketing.

Find Inspiration Everything You Do

To be a prolific content creator, you need to step away from the pack and do things differently. That means putting down your favorite trade publication, ungluing yourself from your favorite association’s newsletter and going out and enjoying life. “If you have a fulfilling life, your content will be better,” Jay says.

Why? Because you’ll be bringing different experiences to the table, empowering you to create things that are different from everyone else’s.

So sign up for that cooking class, go sky diving, volunteer with kids or go on an epic hiking trip. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just go out and get inspiration from life.

How will you create prolific content?

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