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June Features, Functionality & Fixes


We’ve added a ton of improvements to Localist over the past few months.

Here are the most recent major updates to the Localist platform:

Revamped Photo Management
Photo management in Localist, while simple and easy, hadn’t changed much in a while. We have a habit of revisiting features we haven’t looked in some time to see if they can be improved. We identified some tweaks that have vastly improved the photo experience.

We completely revisited how thumbnails on uploaded photos are generated and tweaked to make them easier to manage; zooming in on a speaker’s face, for example.

Uploading a photo now happens inline, so you can see what an event photo will look like before you save the event.

You can now drag-and-drop a photo into your browser window and Localist will know to upload it automatically, similar to dropping an attachment in an email.

Admin Club is Now Localist University
The support team has been hard at work building a massive knowledge base on every aspect of Localist. We’re dramatically expanding and reorganizing all content to be task-focused, so if you’re wondering how to do any particular thing in Localist, just search for it. We will be continually adding to Localist University, so if you have any topic suggestions, let us know!

New API 2 Methods
Our dev team brought API 2 methods up to parity with API 1. Virtually all content in Localist is now available via API! Our pilot group is currently in the final stages of testing; full API documentation is coming shortly.

More Feeds Supported
In addition to adding support for a whole slew of new feed types, HTML descriptions from RSS feeds are now available. We’ve also built a tighter integration with the EMS API, allowing more content to be pulled into Localist.

Print Event Flyers
When looking at how Localist content was being shared across all our platforms, we were surprised to learn how popular printing (literally printing the web page) is. It’s even more popular than sharing event details on Twitter! We reviewed at how Localist pages look when they’re printed and optimized them. Now, when you print an event page on your platform, it will look like an event flyer; an easy way to help spread the word offline.

More Calendar Settings
We added the ability to hide event categories (filters) on the homepage. Along with a switch to enable a “Powered by Localist” message at the bottom of the calendar for Enterprise customers.

Community Time Zones
For our customers that have different Communities across the country, ensuring “2pm” means “2pm local time” was a challenge. No longer! Communities now support time zones, making subscriptions to event lists seamless.

Event Copy
Having a single event in many locations? It’s now super-easy to use a current event as a template for a new event! Just click the “Copy Event” link when viewing any event to create a brand new event with the same information.

Other Minor Additions

  • Added support to add multiple filters in one step.
  • Added Custom Field support for Groups and Places.
  • Updated Localist infrastructure to Ruby 2.0.
  • Added a “This Event Requires Registration” message when a user clicks the “Add to Calendar” button.
  • Custom domains are now available on all Localist plans.

We have some great features on our summer development roadmap that we’re going to be deploying throughout the next couple months. Stay tuned.

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