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July Features, Functionality and Fixes


We’ve been busy launching major features (ones that warrant their own blog posts!) over the past few months, hence the lack of Features, Functionality and Fixes¬†announcements.

That said, we’ve made over 690 updates to the Localist Platform since April! We’re always keeping track of some of the more notable “behind the scenes” fixes so you don’t miss them. Here’s what has been pushed live recently:

  • Launched Tailgate
  • Launched API V2
  • Upgraded Localist architecture to Rails 3
  • Added utm_source support to all widgets and newsletters
  • Added more consistent support for Communities
  • Added ability to have individual event feeds go to the Pending queue
  • Added a new “Personal Calendar” widget
  • Added a Resources page, highlighting Localist best practices.
  • Added individual event subscriptions!
  • Fixed various recurring event administration bugs
  • Fixed various minor administration UI bugs
  • Fixed group membership approval issue
  • Changed auth methods to be modular per-platform
  • Improved efficiency of newsletter delivery
  • Improved CSV import efficiency and intelligence
  • Improved event type counting speed

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