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Johns Hopkins Selects Localist to Power New Interactive Calendar


Localist Provides Social Calendaring Platform for University’s 20,000 Students and Faculty

Baltimore, Maryland — October 7, 2009 — Localist today announced a partnership with Johns Hopkins University to provide a branded interactive events calendar to the university’s 20,000 students and faculty. Accessible at http://events.jhu.edu, the Localist platform is the primary solution for promoting internal university events in addition to highlighting local events happening nearby.

Johns Hopkins students will be able to see what activities others are attending in real time, and share and discuss their social plans with fellow students, fostering a greater sense of community. The Localist platform also learns a student’s interests in order to custom-tailor recommendations of events to attend and new places to visit.

“We are excited to partner with Johns Hopkins to deliver a calendar platform that sets a new standard among universities,” said Mykel Nahorniak, co-founder and chief operating officer of Localist. “Giving students the opportunity to branch out of their typical social circles, and discover new things to do and places to go yields a more rewarding educational experience.”

“Every university has an events calendar, but, until now, no university has a great events calendar that ties into the tools that students are already using. That’s why I was excited at the opportunity to work with Localist to build a solution for Johns Hopkins that not only is simple to manage but plugs seamlessly into Facebook, Google Calendar and iCal on the Mac and iPhone,” said Tim Windsor, Director of Web Strategy at John Hopkins.

University calendars have traditionally focused on internal events only, and lack the social interactivity that users have come to expect. Localist changes that with its turnkey platform that seamlessly integrates into partner websites, leveraging user activity to deliver rich local content.

Johns Hopkins faculty can easily input and manage events and venues across multiple university campuses, and highlight those that merit special promotion.

In addition to the calendar functionality provided by the core Localist platform, the company also developed features specifically for student groups to organize and share events with their members and interested students.

Localist Corporation (http://www.localist.com)
Baltimore-based Localist provides a licensable platform that offers event and venue listings combined with social calendaring tools to provide a complete solution for partners looking to promote and monetize local content. Universities can take advantage of Localist to provide an interactive calendar of events, and enable students to share their plans with each other, fostering a greater sense of community. Tourism boards using the Localist platform will for the first time be able to connect local businesses with customers, and better promote events by empowering people in the city to see what others are doing. For media companies, the Localist platform takes existing event data and wraps a social dynamic around it, creating new revenue streams along with increased traffic and accurate user targeting.

Johns Hopkins University (http://www.jhu.edu)
After more than 130 years, Johns Hopkins remains a world leader in both teaching and research. Eminent professors mentor top students in the arts and music, the humanities, the social and natural sciences, international studies, education, business and the health professions. Those same faculty members, and their research colleagues at the university’s Applied Physics Laboratory, have each year since 1979 won Johns Hopkins more federal research and development funding than any other university. When considered in partnership with its sister institution, the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, the university is Maryland’s largest employer and contributes more than $10 billion a year to the state’s economy.

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