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iPhone App Development Begins


Our customers have been requesting a native iPhone/Android complement to the Web version of Localist, so the wheels have started turning to get this accomplished!

Below are some tidbits about how we’re handling development. Warning, the following is a bit technical:

With Android devices quickly gaining popularity, we don’t want to split your user-base by going pure native for iPhone. We’ve elected to use jQTouch library to give iPhone users a native look and feel, but the app still exists purely in HTML5. Some benefits over going native:

  • Users can browse to the URL of your Localist Platform and immediately be immersed in a native-feeling app. They can even add it to their home screen.
  • It allows the flexibility of serving up similar pages to Android users, preventing segments of your audience from being cut off from the mobile experience.
  • The app can be wrapped in PhoneGap, making it native, which would allow it to be available in both the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace with your brand.
  • The look and feel of the entire app can be changed to match the aesthetic of your website.

Our target beta launch date is mid-January. With an official module launch in early February. If you’d like to participate, hit our contact form at Localist.com.

We’ll be announcing prices for browser-based and native apps for your Localist Platform as the launch date approaches. A 10% discount on the module will be available for any active beta testers.

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