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We’re looking for another person to help increase our sales!

It’s been an amazing year at Localist; we’re really starting to hit our stride. Want to take advantage and grow as a person, as you help the company grow?

Let us know if this sounds like you:

  • You have at least 3+ years of inside sales experience.
  • You’re a hunter. You aggressively seek out new customers and find opportunities where nobody else will.
  • You can identify a customer’s pain faster than they can.
  • You’re used to a 3 to 6 month sales cycle. We’re working with schools. ‘Nuff said.
  • You enjoy high-frequency interaction (lots of follow-ups and prospecting calls).
  • You’ve worked in the education space.
  • You’re comfortable talking about social media and SaaS technology at a high level.

We help schools organize what events are happening so students can discover what their peers are doing in real-time, like a virtual student union. It is your job to identify schools interested in improving their communications with students and sign them up for software licenses.

What’s in it for you?

We’re a startup, which is much more fun than a boring conglomerate. “More fun,” doesn’t mean “long hours,” either. Many startups think their employees should work 18-hour days, 7 days a week. We’ve been in the game long enough to know this doesn’t make people more excited about what they’re doing. It’s the startup life, but not startup hours.

We’re projecting major growth in 2011; we offer base compensation with residual commissions, employee stock options, bonuses, and other little incentives to reward hard work.

So, what is Localist?

Put yourself in the shoes of an incoming freshman at a university. How do you find out what’s happening on campus? Who’s going to events? What are the popular places? How do you get there? Before Localist, there was no solution. Schools offered a static listing of events that remained largely unused by the student body. That’s where Localist comes in. Localist bridges the gap by integrating seamlessly into an institution’s website, leveraging the services tools students are already plugged into, like Facebook and Twitter, while offering powerful administrative tools that resource-strained faculty desperately need.

We’ve been working with universities over the past year and are partnered with over twenty institutions, including Johns Hopkins University and Cornell University.

Want to apply?

Shoot an email to info@localist.com. Along with your resume, tell us what you’re passionate about.

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