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Why HR Should Focus on Building Connections Virtually During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Bob Birdsong

To say Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the most disruptive force in decades is an understatement.

And while no one knows what future weeks or months will hold, we’re seeing the consequences — in real-time — of what happens when we’re forced to rethink the very nature of work itself. Whether you’ve already sent employees home or are planning on it, here are some ways to keep connections strong among remote teams.

Find fun ways to keep employee morale up!

Working from home may sound awesome, but it can be incredibly lonely — especially if you’re new to it or unprepared for what it’s like.

This is a trying time for all of us in general, but when families, pets, grocery shopping, household chores, and disconnect are constantly in front of us, work can be the last thing people want to do.

It’s not possible to simply expect people to work the same way they did when they were in the office. You can’t simply port office behaviors, habits, and connections to a virtual environment. It will take extra work.

It’s logical to think you should keep things “consistent” by maintaining regular meeting schedules among teams. Honestly, that’s a recipe for disaster.

How to Make Remote Employees Feel Included

This is an opportunity to make virtual or remote work better than what you had before. Be careful of creating a worse version of the regular office meeting. Instead, focus on virtual connections that boost morale.

  • Hold a group Q&A session where employees can ask questions that have come up about their work-from-home circumstances.
  • Record brief videos offering tips and tricks for making work from home easier.
  • Have brief check-ins — either one-on-one or in a team/group setting — where people can share their makeshift offices or dining room table setups.
  • Do a meet and greet with employees’ pets.
  • Have a virtual happy hour — BYOB of course — where people can decompress after a successful week of working from home.
  • Ask people to wear silly hats or costumes at the next daily standup
  • Start the day with a bit of team exercise, yoga, or coffee.

Working virtually from home doesn’t have to be an online version of office life. Spice things up, have some fun, break people from the bad habits they’ll quickly adopt at home (like working too many hours) and keep important connections alive until we’re all back together again.

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