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How to Properly Share Information About Your Virtual Events

By Bob Birdsong

As organizations scramble to move on-site employees to work from home scenarios and convert live events into virtual ones, they’re making some big mistakes — the biggest being not looking past the streaming or video platform itself. Equal attention must be given to the promotion and marketing of virtual events.

Instead of creating proper calendars of events, landing pages, email and social media reminders, and follow-ups, they’re relying on video platform registration pages and dumping links into a big list.


This is a problem for people attending. They can’t keep track of what’s what, there’s no way to put the event on their calendars easily, and there are no email or social media reminders of when events are happening.

Remote work meetings, virtual meetups, and virtual events all need the same attention, marketing, promotion, and overall communications strategy as any other event. Yes, you’re moving quickly and are in triage mode, but don’t overlook the basic practices of event promotion — even if you’ve gone virtual.


Virtual Event Promotion the Wrong Way


How to do Virtual Event Promotion

So instead of dumping links into an email and hoping for the best, work with a virtual events marketing software platform that helps you create beautiful, consistent landing pages, calendars, email campaigns, and so much more...like Localist! Request a demo to see how Localist can improve your virtual event promotion and communication.

About Localist: Virtual Event Marketing Software

Marketing, HR, and communications teams love Localist's virtual event platform because it's simple to use, lets you create beautiful landing pages for multiple events, and consistently brands everything you promote; simply drag and drop your elements and begin sharing.

Because every event and calendar is centralized in a single dashboard, creating, publishing, managing, and promoting your virtual events has never been easier.

More Virtual Event Promo Strategies

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