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How Successful Event Planners Are Promoting Virtual Events

By Bob Birdsong

At this point, the pattern is a familiar one…

COVID-19 shut the world down, so you and your team scrambled to save the events you’d spent months planning and organizing. Of course, some had to be canceled but others, you realized, could be converted to virtual, online events.

So you set to work to make that happen.

First order of business? Find a video platform that could handle the immediate need of delivering your content to virtual attendees. That job included setting up the right accounts, getting your presenters familiar with your new format, scheduling, sharing links, etc. Zoom has been a lifesaver, but GoToWebinar, Webex and other video platforms were good options too.

Whew! Done. Take a breath. Celebrate your successful pivot to virtual events.

In theory, you’ve “gone virtual.” But then…

You’re struggling to promote all of your virtual events

You slowly start to realize your virtual events are all over the place. They’re difficult to organize, hard to track, and impossible to share without a ton of work in multiple platforms.

You may have even stitched together a few different tech platforms on the fly. Landing pages with Wordpress, HubSpot, or Instapages. Payment pages with FormStack. Stripe to accept credit cards.

And sure, Zoom and other virtual event platforms let you pre-schedule events and create unique links, but then there are reminders to manually send via email, social media posts to share on every channel, ticketing and registration to keep tabs on. You’re manually entering attendee’s email addresses in the BCC line just to make sure everyone has the information they need.

Now, it’s up to you and your team to personally answer all those customer service questions — a time consuming task that takes you away from all the other work you have to do.

There’s a better way...

Organize and manage virtual event promotion in one place

If you’ve launched multiple virtual events and all of this sounds a little too familiar, you need an online platform that can centralize and handle the planning and promotion of events for you. A single platform that can handle:

  • Registration for multiple events or classes
  • Credit card payments seamlessly
  • Automated confirmation emails
  • Zoom, GoToWebinar, and other video streaming integrations with the ability to auto-send login info for any events or classes people signed up for
  • All customer communication — landing pages, branding, automated notifications and reminders, social media posts — instead of you emailing them or creating specific Slack channels
  • Customer service tickets
  • Attendance data for continued event improvement

Localist’s virtual event marketing platform automates and centralizes event marketing so your team can focus on making your events great.

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