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How Online Calendars Can Promote and Enliven Your City’s Events


Cities are brought to life by the people who live, work, and visit them. Much of the draw and appeal cities command comes from the constant array of events, entertainment, and happenings at popular destinations.

People flocking to cities looking to get involved in the social and business scenes should have a central place to find out about all the great events and opportunities your city has to offer. Sure they can check out a venue’s website, the city’s newspaper, or a guidebook, but at Localist, we have a better (read easier) way.

Enliven your city

Media companies have calendars, colleges have calendars, what about a central, online social calendar for your city? While it may sound like a daunting task to bring ALL your city’s events onto one calendar, the benefits of centralizing your calendar will have you ready to get started. If you’re in the promotions or tourism department for your city, this will make the job you already have way easier.

Click here to read about the benefits of centralizing your city’s event calendar. 

You’ve centralized your CMS, why not centralize your calendar?

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