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How To Ensure Brand Consistency Across Multiple HR Events

By Bob Birdsong

One of the biggest problems HR professionals face is how to make sure every piece of event marketing has consistent branding.

Whether you’re putting new employees through orientation or hosting live engagement events, you’re trying to coordinate calendars, branding, landing pages, emails, RSVPs, and general event information from (and for) a lot of people at once.

And if everyone who’s in charge of helping market or manage these events is doing their own thing — using their own systems and software at each location — your events are missing the consistency and continuity that attendance rates and engagement requires.

You’re also doing damage to your brand as a whole, making you look scattered, disorganized, and unprofessional.

Instead of using a mish-mash of Facebook, Eventbrite, your own website, and email to promote events put these three aggregation practices in place. Especially if you're managing and promoting events across multiple locations.

1. Put Your Branding on Lockdown

Let’s say you’ve got a team of three people planning, promoting, and managing events. Let’s also add in the fact that each of you are responsible for two company locations.

In a single month, the three of you have to plan new employee orientations at six different locations. One of you gets the word out via email, one of you prefers Facebook and the other sends an invite through Eventbrite.

New employees may not notice this (they can only attend one at a time, after all), but from a holistic level, your event branding is all over the place. Formats are inconsistent. Times and dates are communicated in different ways. Someone used comic sans font when everyone knows you're an Arial-only organization!

The bigger problem is that none of this jives with the recruitment experience either. Where there may have been a tightly organized, concerted effort to hire, there’s now a lazily shared link to an event via email. And if the person missed it? Oh, well.

The solution is to have global templates for landing pages, invites, links, emails, and social media posts.

No matter who’s posting it.

No matter which channel it shows up on.

When branding is on lock, your events appear coordinated, organized, and professional — no matter how many people are creating, approving or submitting them. When it’s not? Well, you get the picture.

There are a lot of ways to create consistent branding, but the easiest and fastest way is to use an event marketing software that bakes your branding into every piece of event content. We suggest giving Localist a try.

2. Automate Your Content

How many times should an event be promoted? When will you promote it? Where will you promote it? How will you share links?

Answers to these questions will vary depending on who you’re asking. The person in charge of onboarding and training at location #1 may have a different strategy than the person organizing events for location #2. Automated event marketing content can help answer some of these questions.

Software that automates event reminders, RSVP information, dates, times, locations, etc. means you don’t have to guess — or try to remember — when to do it.

Once an event is created, you should be able to set content to update or share on a regular cadence without setting calendar reminders, alerts, or alarms to remind yourself to do it manually.

And because your branding is locked down already, you can rest assured everything gets the same promotion cadence and looks the same too.

3. Streamline or Condense Software

We mentioned it early, but most HR teams rely on a variety of disjointed tech to get the word out about events.

You promote it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

You ask people to register on Eventbrite.

You share links to streaming platforms like Zoom or GoToWebinar via email — probably manually.

You use your website to spin up landing pages that serve a brief purpose, then languish for years, clogging up your site and slowing its performance.

Nothing is consistent. Sometimes systems integrate, but you don’t have time for that. And when it’s all said and done, there’s no single source of information to gather data anyway.

So, on to the next disjointed, inconsistent event promotion.

Fortunately, you can still put social media channels to good use, spin up landing pages with consistent branding, and handle reminders and registration in one place.

Lots of software claims to do all these things, but there’s only one that’s purpose-built to provide automated email, social media posts, landing pages, centralized calendars, and a clean, clear analytics dashboard.

Let us give you a free, personalized demo of Localist to show you how we can make your HR event marketing easier, faster, and better.

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