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Higher Ed Live: “Of all the calendar solutions, Localist looks the best”


Seth Odell at Higher Ed Live did a wonderful talk on the power of unified calendars at a university. He and Joseph Maddela go over the advantages a unified calendar can bring, and some of the challenges schools currently face when it comes to sharing information about on-campus events. Watch the video.

If you’re on the fence about implementing a new calendar for your university’s website, I strongly recommend watching this video to get up to speed.

Click here to jump to what Seth had to say about Localist: “There’s only one vendor that I thought really “got” campus calendars and made them look cool… that is Localist”

To address the content ownership question posed by Joseph, our customers are in complete control of their content and can export it in XML, CSV or any standard format of their choosing on demand, so there’s no cause for data loss concern.

Additionally, Maddela mentions the risk of working with an outside vendor, rather than building a calendar solution in-house. He argues that if a vendor goes out of business, all content could be lost. While the content concern has been addressed above, it’s certainly possible for any vendor to go out of business. That said, the only alternative would be to build the calendar technology in-house, which would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Looking at the overall cost/benefit, it becomes immediately apparent that working with Localist makes the most sense.

As Seth said, we’re just at the beginning of the unified calendar movement in higher ed. We can’t wait to see how the landscape changes over the next few years.

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