Higher Ed CMS Usage Survey: Calendars Are a Priority


The results for .eduGuru’s recent survey¬†on how colleges and universities are using content management systems are in.

As the article states, “the top complaint about the CMSs was their calendar features (or lack thereof). Perhaps it would be better to focus on best of breed solutions for things like that, rather than look to bolt on functionality in your CMS.”

We couldn’t agree more. When we begin talking with schools, the general assumption is that a simple WordPress plug-in can accomplish the same goals as a full-featured social calendar like Localist. In practice, it never turns out to be true.

While it’s good to weigh all options and get the best bang for your buck, if you really want to maximize your students’ social experience on campus, invest in a calendar they’ll actually use.

DC Linktank Makes Intelligent Connections with a Localist Calendar

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