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HighEdWeb 2012: What We’re Most Excited About


In anticipation of heading to HighEdWeb 2012 next week (wooo!!), Will Norris and I sat down to plan out our schedule. The event is packed with great presentations to attend and awesome people to meet, but we thought we’d break down what we’re looking forward to the most

First off, if you’re heading to the conference yourself, we hope to see you at some of the events we list below—of course, we’d love to meet you! Just ping us at will@localist.com or tom@localist.com.

1.  Picking up wisdom from Adam Savage

Adam Savage, co-host of the popular television series MythBusters, will be delivering the 2012 keynote. The format of this session will be a candid Q&A based on select questions sent in from conference attendees via tweeting with the hashtag #askadam. Should be very interesting to hear how Adam’s experience informs his views on technology within higher ed, as well as anything he’s really excited or concerned about in the technology world as a whole looking ahead a few years.

2.  Hearing what’s buzzing in higher education technology this year

The conference schedule is jam-packed with sessions on topics on social media, cloud-computing, responsive design, and more, so we’re interested in hearing what cool new trends schools and audiences are excited about. As the “not-so-technical” guys at Localist, we’d love to pick up some helpful information for our development team.

3.  Meeting current and prospective customers and partners face to face

We spend so much time corresponding with our customers and prospects remotely that it will be a breath of fresh air to turn voices and email addresses into faces. Modern technology is great for doing business efficiently, but nothing beats a good ol’ face-to-face interaction!

4.  Monday night’s “HighEd After Dark” social happy hour at Miller Time Pub

The HEWEB12 conference website gives this event the following description: “pop in downstairs at Hilton Hotel’s Miller Time Pub to play some pool and darts, enjoy a social atmosphere, network with your colleagues, and maybe snack on a fried cheese curd or three.” How could we not be #thoroughlyjazzed for this?

5.  Tuesday night’s “Discovery World Excursion”           

Discovery World is listed as “a “120,000-square foot facility that includes interactive science, technology and freshwater exhibits, learning labs, theaters, television and audio studios, and fresh and saltwater aquariums.” Again, #thoroughlyjazzed. 

6.  Packing our days with informative sessions

We’re pumped to head to talks about user experience, responsive design, social media, virtual tours, vendor relationships, location-based services, marketing integration, and mobile technology, because we truly believe in the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies here at Localist. Whew, we should definitely have our hands full!

7.  Live tweeting during the conference

We’ll be pretty active on Twitter throughout the conference—catch Tom at @tcnbaltimore, Will at @localistwill, and, of course, the main Localist account, @localist. If you can’t make it, feel free to follow along, or feel free to communicate with us via @localist.

8.  Sampling cheese & buying cheese hats

Needless to say, we are pretty amped to get our fill on Wisconsin’s finest! Of course, we’ll keep an eye out for cheese hats for the entire Localist team (just kidding, but totally serious…).

Are you headed to HighEdWeb 2012? What are you looking forward to? Comment and let us know, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to catch up with you there!

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