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Health Care Events: There Are More Than You Think!

So you want a calendar for your health care community and you understand the key features that should set it apart from the crowd. But after years of promoting events to an internal audience, you may be wondering what your external community might expect. Worry not -- you’re not starting from scratch. When it comes to health care, there’s no shortage of the types of things you can shine a spotlight on:

  • Keep your community healthy - It may seem illogical, but hospitals actually work to keep patients healthy and out of their care. One of the best ways they can do this is by hosting and promoting their wellness, disease prevention and other education events. Get the entire community involved by posting these in an accessible online location where everyone can view them.

  • Highlight your support groups - There’s more to a hospital than just inpatient care; raise awareness about hospital support groups so community members know about their existence and the events they offer. You might encourage them to join and become regular members, or at least get a foot in the door when it comes to attending a single event!

  • Raise funds - Fundraising is a crucial part of a hospital’s operations. No doubt your calendar will contain events from internal fundraisers and outside charities. Promoting these is the perfect way to highlight the ways in which your health care facility contributes; and the way your community can give back.

  • Promote employee-centric events - You may think of a health care event calendar as being community-only, right? Wrong? You have the real estate, and chain emails get lost. Add your employee-focused events like staff meetings, grand rounds, and going away parties to your centralized online event calendar, and show your staff that they’re as much a member of your community as anyone else.

In addition to promoting these types of events and furthering these goals, the right calendar will also help you save time and maximize efficiencies across your hospital staff. Few employees have the bandwidth for posting recurrent event reminders on social or adding events to a website one at a time. Let your calendar do the work for you to maximize the amount of time staff can spend instead planning events or helping patients. Your hospital is a resource for the local community; get out of your own way and let it act as one!

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Making it Work: Key Features of a Health Care Calendar

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