#FiveWsOfRegister: Why


The last and most important question is also the most straightforward to answer. Why did we decide to build Register? 

We have integrations with 3rd party ticketing and registration services. We had customers utilizing various systems and prospects were fine with the notion that we operated with 3rd party registration services. So what is the need for a registration/ticketing system housed within Localist?

We built Register for one reason. We feel that it will further our mission to make every event discoverable. Before Register, there wasn't a viable solution out there that provided an enterprise-grade calendar with branded registration and ticketing capabilities housed within one platform.  Usually, when we begin to work with customers they are using multiple different calendar and registration tools throughout their organization. This is a poor experience across the board. We were able to centralize the calendar portion and registration/ticketing tools were still all over the place. We wanted to change that.

We know that by providing a truly integrated, branded registration experience we can make our customers (and future customers) more successful. We can make their events more successful, discoverable and easier to facilitate. If our customers are more successful, we are furthering our mission. It's as simple as that. With this in mind, building Register was a no-brainer for our team. 

This is the last post in our #FiveWsOfRegister series. We hope you now have some context behind our latest feature, Register. If your organization is curious about utilizing Register for your events, get in touch with us. We would love to help. 

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