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This series of posts covers the Five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) behind Localist's latest product, Register. It's a big move for our company and we want to be clear about our intentions. Over this series, we will be revealing the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) one by one. See below to learn more about Register and our decision to build it! 


Register was built for organizations that aim to grow their audience. It's as simple as that. Organizations that have this focus often align with our mission and vision, so it's natural that we often find ourselves working with these folks. Everything we build must work towards fulfilling our mission and vision. Register is no exception. Now, what types of organizations actually comprise the 'who' behind Register?

The first group is our customers. Nearly all our customers fall into this 'audience builder' category. We always try to listen to what our customers have to say. They consistently told us that they were looking for a way to streamline event registration and ticketing. They had everyone in their organization using Localist to manage and market events; however, registration tools were all over the place throughout the organization. They wanted something that could centralize this process and create an easy to use interface to manage the entire event lifecycle (from discovery to payment or registration). They were confident this centralization would make them more efficient in their roles. When our customers are more effective, they are growing their audience, and more events are discoverable. It's a win for everyone.

The second big group is organizations that aim to grow their audience and have a large number of complex events that require serious ticketing/registration capabilities. While these folks could have benefited from Localist, they really needed something to manage the entire event lifecycle within a fully branded experience (this is key). There wasn't an ideal tool out there for these particular organizations, and Localist didn't yet have native registration and ticketing functionality. We aim to fill that gap and help those organizations fulfill their missions by creating the best possible user experience for their audience. 

In short, we built Register for organizations looking to further their mission and grow their audience. If Register enables them to do this, we are following our company's vision. 

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