#FiveWsOfRegister: Where

'Where' could be classified as another layup for the Localist marketing team in the context of the #FiveWsOfRegister series. That's because the 'where' of Register is dead simple, by design. We have to thank the Localist engineering team for that one.

Register effectively lives two places: the event landing page on the front end and the event creation interface on the backend. Register doesn't really change the existing layout of the Localist platform. All it does is add functionality and provide a better user experience as the entire event lifecycle (discovery to purchase) happens on one platform. Let's quickly break down the 2 main manifestations of Register. 

Platform Back End: Event Adding Page 

Once you are done creating an event, you determine if it's an event that needs to utilize registration or ticketing functionality. You can then click over to 'Tickets and Registration' and access the page above. From here, you can create a registration or ticketing process for just about every event imaginable. Once the event is approved it moves to the front end of the platform as an event landing page. 

Platform Front End: Event Landing Page

register screenshot

The image above is a Localist event landing page with a ticketing section. The front end has a very similar look to a Localist event without registration. However, if an event requires registration the ticketing interface will appear on the right. As the user moves through the process, the information in the box will change until they complete payment/registration within the event landing page. That's it. Simple. 

If you are interested in implementing Register at your organization, request a demo.

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