#FiveWsOfRegister: When

This series of posts covers the Five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) behind Localist's latest product, Register. It's a big move for our company and we want to be clear about our intentions. Over this series, we will be revealing the five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) one by one. See below to learn more about Register and our decision to build it! 


'When' is the shortest and possibly least surprising W of the #FiveWsOfRegister series. That does not mean it doesn't matter! Register is available now and we are continuing to release a slew of updates and features (looking at you mobile event check-in). If you are a current customer. The process for getting Register up and running is easy. Simply connect with your customer success manager or email us at support@localist.com. From there, it's a process of turning on Register within your platform. 

If you are not a customer, we have a surprise for you. If you guessed a full branded event management and marketing platform, you guessed right! From event discovery to payment/registration, Localist has you covered. Register is fully operational and ready to be evaluated by your team. If the lack of registration and ticketing functionality has always held you back from evaluating Localist further, today is your day. Click below to learn how we are working with other organizations to provide an enterprise level registration and event marketing platform. 

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