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New & Existing Features to Support Your Virtual Events

By Bob Birdsong

In the days since coronavirus (COVID-19) began impacting live events in the U.S., the Localist team has been assisting clients in rapidly pivoting to virtual events.

As you consider your upcoming live events and the possibility of taking them online, we want to be sure you are aware of the many Localist features that will improve the success of your digital event:

Virtual Event Marketing Support Features

Virtual Event Experience

Virtual Event Experience

Mark events as virtual to use a different landing page layout that focuses your audience’s attention on how to register, where to view the event taking place, and how to engage with the event in a meaningful way. This new functionality will ensure that any in-person events that need to transition to a virtual experience can be communicated in seconds with very little effort by your event organizers.

Social Automation

Automated Social & Email Promotion

This new tool allows you to share information about your events on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Posts can be scheduled ahead of time to allow you to keep your audience engaged. You can also use this tool to inform your audience of vital information, or a change of plans, on a per-event basis.

Event Status

Event Status

This new setting on events marks the event as Canceled or Postponed. This will allow you to more clearly indicate the current status of all events in the platform to your audience and partners.

Making the Transition to Virtual Events

Our network has hundreds of thousands of upcoming events that may be transitioning to virtual. As organizations navigate their events through the COVID-19 crisis, we are actively improving the Localist community event platform to reflect our customers’ changing needs and to ensure that their event strategies remain strong -- even when people cannot be together in person.

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