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Everything Event Pros Need to Know About Facebook Live


What can I say, events and live streaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. They expand the reach of events and allow people from all over to interact with your event, regardless if they’re in the vicinity. There’s Meerkat, Periscope and a dozen others. So why should you venture out and try yet another streaming tool like Facebook Live for your events?


Despite all of the hoopla around Facebook’s supposed demise, the social network has a reported 1 billion regular users and is still a force to be reckoned with. Although Facebook opened up its live stream feature to all iPhone and Android users in the U.S. a few months ago, it’s still making news with its updates, so if you haven’t tapped into this tool yet, there’s still time to give it a try and become an expert before your competition.

Feel the love from Facebook’s algorithm.

Facebook’s diminishing reach has been the bane of the existence of many event marketers. Thankfully, Facebook’s algorithm is now favoring real-time videos over pre-recorded videos. Now your live broadcast will rank higher in the feeds of your followers and fans, increasing the viewership of your content. If you’ve built a large fan base on this network, your broadcast is a great way to reach them organically.

Leverage the power of Facebook Ad Manager.

If you want your broadcast to reach a larger or more targeted audience, consider using Facebook’s Ad Manager to boost the reach of your videos. It’s a one stop shop and you never have to leave the platform to promote your videos. You can use this robust ad technology to target your Facebook fans or the interests and demographic information of your ideal audience.

You can add call to actions to your videos.

Of course you can verbally record one with any live stream service, but Facebook allows you to add a call-to-action button after your broadcast is complete and your video has posted to your page’s wall. They’re just like the buttons on the bottom Facebook ads (see below).

Screenshot 2016-05-12 10.55.56

So if you want people to register for your next event, sign up for your newsletter or try your app, you can incorporate that CTA directly on your post.

Videos are automatically archived.

Unlike other streaming platforms such as Periscope where content disappears with 24 hours (unless you save it to your device and repost on social media or your website) after your broadcast, your video will be saved in your video tab within your Facebook page along the rest of your page’s videos.

You’re not limited to streaming with your smartphone.

Although smartphones are great way to capture behind the scenes footage virtually anywhere, if you to use more robust broadcast tools, Facebook Live’s API now can integrate third party apps and software. As more high end cameras partner up, you will have the opportunity to create higher quality broadcasts. 

According to Varitey’s Janko Roettgers, partners that have signed up include:

Mevo, a live streaming camera built by Livestream that has been used by Tastemade to stream some of its content on Facebook Live. Drone maker DJI will bring Live support to its Phantom drones with a software update in the coming weeks.”

Because who doesn’t love a good live stream via drone? 

What best practice tips do you have for event marketers who want to use Facebook Live?

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