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DC Linktank Makes Intelligent Connections with a Localist Calendar


We often power calendars for universities and colleges, but our social calendar software solves problems for many different types of organizations.

We’re happy to announce that we’re now powering a calendar for DC Linktank, an organization that focuses on helping DC dwellers make, as their tagline puts it, “Intelligent Connections.” Glance at their calendar, and your cultural and intellectual IQ will probably gain a few points: DC Linktank collects a dizzying array of events in politics, international policy, history, the arts, and any topic that’s likely to bring the best and the brightest together. If you’re near DC, check it out! 

Prior to launching Localist, DC Linktank emailed subscribers a weekly digest of events. While subscribers loved the content of the email, the organization realized they were missing a big opportunity by relying exclusively on emailing events. After all, email does not allow subscribers to interact with one another.

With Localist’s help, DC Linktank now has an interactive, socially integrated online calendar that will help DC Linktank make even more “Intelligent Connections.”

Here are a few of the things DC Linktank subscribers can now do:

  1. See who else is going to events.

  2. Choose which types of events they’re interested in and get emails about only those events.

  3. See event venues on a Google Map.

  4. Easily submit events of their own for approval.

We’re excited—and so is DC Linktank—to see how this new approach helps bring the DC community together.

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