CVBs: 5 Must-Have Features For Your Event Marketing Calendar

As a CVB, your goal is to promote your city and to increase the number of visitors. One of the best methods is to highlight the different events happening in your area. And one of the best ways to promote your special events is with the right calendar that will help you market your region online, get the events found on Google, and help your supporters spread the word for you.

When choosing an event marketing calendar for your website, make sure it has these features.

1. Optimized for search

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It’s important that each individual event be easily found on Google. And as much as Google loves its own products, the search engine can’t display events from its own Google Calendar (GCal).

GCal events can’t be indexed, which means search engines won’t find them, which means your special events won’t show up during a regular Google search. Choose a calendar that creates individual web pages for each event and allows search engines to find them.

2. Feature trending/popular events

You should be able to feature trending events — events that people talk about frequently on social media or register for in large numbers. By featuring these events, you can show web visitors what’s most popular and interesting about your region.

3. Let users subscribe to your calendar

Can you imagine if visitors to your city, as well as enthusiastic local supporters, could subscribe to your calendar so they’re notified of upcoming events? They could receive email alerts without having to check the calendar on a daily basis or missing out on a particular favorite.

4. Allow users to submit events

We really feel for the person whose job it is to enter each and every event into a calendar, which is why we tried to make the interface as simple as possible. And we also know how hard it is to account for every single event in the area. But if your local event organizers could submit events to your calendar, that would save you hours of time every year. It will also let the organizers be responsible for their own events and promotion, which can further extend your reach.

5. Integrate with social media

Finally, your calendar should be able to sync your events with Facebook and other social networks so your users can share what they’re doing with their own personal networks. Local organizers can share event details, and visitors and locals can share information about the events on their favorite networks. They can even post photos to the event page, and chat online with other subscribers.

A calendar should be more than just a box on your website, or a half-forgotten list of events everyone struggles to update. It can be a powerful marketing tool that helps you promote your region and its different events. For more information, please visit our website at


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