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It’s been an exciting year!

When we initially created Localist, it was built because no good place existed to see where people were going and what they were doing at that moment.

As time went on, we received lots of interest from universities, media companies and other organizations that wanted the Localist technology incorporated into their sites. This was our “ah ha!” moment.

While Localist was working well as a great resource for events and places in the Baltimore and DC area, it didn’t quite line up with where we wanted Localist to go as a business.

As we partnered with several organizations to deliver calendar and venue information in a way that’s never been done before, our product has matured into a lightning fast, fun and useful tool for audiences.

With our first anniversary fast approaching, we’re making a dramatic shift to our online presence. You may have noticed this already if you’ve visited Localist.com today. Instead of the usual event and venue listings in your region, we’ll be showing more information about the Localist Platform itself.

That said, Localist DC and Localist Baltimore aren’t going away; they will serve as a demonstration of how powerful the platform really is.

We couldn’t be more excited about where Localist is headed, and we’re thankful for the support you’ve given us as we’ve grown.


Mykel & Nate

P.S. We’ll have some big announcements shortly!

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