The Community Hierarchy of Needs

At Localist, we believe events are the purest expression of community because they create the strong bonds any community requires to thrive. Without events, then, it’s fair to argue that ...

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5 Ways to Use Data in Your Events

As we kick off the new year, it’s time to assess one of the biggest trends in any industry: data.  CIT Magazine found that the use of data in events was a top trend for the upcoming year among ...


All About Near Field Communication

What’s hot on the radar these days for event technology? It’s called NFC (Near Field Communication), and it’s changing the way people interact at events. Why? For starters, it makes things more fun for attendees. Plus, it ...


Gamification: The Next Big Thing in Events

Who doesn’t like games? Gamification is the hottest new innovation in event planning. For those that want to engage, entertain and inform their audience, games are sure to deliver. Let’s take a look at what all the hubbub ...


Using Your Event Calendar to Boost Recruitment

Let’s face it – most universities offer English 101 and Principles of Chemistry. When choosing schools, prospective students often look beyond coursework to the more ephemeral things that will impact their college experience. What is the football team’s record ...

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