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Announcing: Tailgate. Localist’s Native Mobile App


When Localist was first built, we offered a mobile web experience out of the box. We knew mobile was going to be huge with the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, and it was no surprise when mobile apps became a billion-dollar industry seemingly overnight.

While our mobile HTML experience is great, we always planned to create a more integrated experience for Localist users. We set out to build a native mobile app for Localist that sets the barrier for event discovery on a smartphone. We’ve been hard at work over the past few months and today, we’re announcing the end result: we call it Tailgate.

Tailgate on the iPhone                           Tailgate on Android

Based on feedback from users and administrators across dozens of organizations, we designed Tailgate to focus on the features a typical user would want in a calendar app when they’re on the go, including:

  • Login with Facebook
  • Browse for events near your current location
  • “Check in” to events
  • Add an event to the device’s native Calendar app
  • Read comments and reviews
  • See who’s going

Like Localist, Tailgate inherits your brand for a completely seamless experience. The key difference: Tailgate is in the app store (both Apple and Android) as a standalone app with a name of your choosing. It can even serve as a monetization opportunity.

The app experience on a smartphone is convenient, efficient, and useful. The hurdles traditionally experienced on the Web are stripped away, leaving you with the information you need at the moment you need it.

The trend is obvious: the Web as we know is beginning to play second-fiddle to mobile. We want to ensure we’re in lock step with this movement by ensuring Tailgate is an app that can continue to grow, just like Localist.

After piloting Tailgate with a few of our customers in May, we are officially launching Tailgate today.

Click here to go to our product information page, or simply contact us for a demo

One more thing to add: our new API.

Localist API 2.0. When building Tailgate, we planned to extend our API along with it. Over time, instead of treating them as separate projects, we combined efforts. Tailgate is 100% built on top of our new API. In practice, this means virtually any functionality that is possible in Localist can be performed via our API. Things like authentication, triggering “I’m Going” actions, as well as access to a lot more content are now available. We’re very excited to see the apps our users build with this content and functionality at their fingertips.

The new API will automatically be available to Localist customers at no charge. Documentation will be going live in the next month, so you’ll be able to start building your own apps on top of Localist very soon.

This announcement is a huge milestone for Localist. We can’t wait to show it off!


Mykel Nahorniak

CEO, Localist

P.S. Press release here.

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