Announcing: Register

It’s been a long time coming. We’re excited to announce the debut of Localist’s new ticketing and registration functionality, Register.

We’ve talked to our customers over the last few years about product improvements that would make their event management and marketing easier. Again and again, the idea of a registration option came up in these conversations.

Wouldn’t it be nice to allow attendees to register for an event right in the calendar, rather than sending them out to complete a transaction on a third-party site? We heard concerns about branding, which can’t be controlled in the way customers would like when registrations are sent off-site.

In addition, you’re tired of having your attendees juggle numerous logins just to complete the different steps of the event lifecycle. From “I’m Interested” to checking in at the event, there are numerous steps where an excited attendee can turn into a cold lead without careful handling. Your software certainly shouldn’t be the reason for this drop-off.

What is Register? Simply put, Register will allow your guests and attendees to purchase a ticket, or officially RSVP for your events straight from the event details page on the Localist calendar. That’s it! No more asking the user to go to another site to register. Furthermore, all ticketing and registration is now managed in-house in the Localist admin interface you’re already used to.

Among other things, Register offers:

  • Seamless branding - You’ve spent countless hours getting your calendar and corporate branding just right. Your header matches and links to your site; every button, font, and phrase has been carefully selected. Why lose all of that effort when you send a ticket purchaser to a third-party site to complete their registration? With Register, visitors will be able to move through the entire ticket purchase process without ever losing sight of which organization is making the fun possible. 
  • Peak centralization - Register ensures the entire event management experience is on the same platform, which means creating an event, marketing it, selling tickets and collecting revenue is all done in one place. It’s a smooth experience for your admins and your visitors.
  • Increased attendance and revenue - With the entire event discovery-to-purchase experience on the same platform, conversion rates and ticket sales will dramatically increase. This is a win for your bottom line, and makes for a better event in the long run; the more attendees you have, the more opportunities you have to create incredible in-person experiences between your audience and your brand. 

Head on over to our website to learn more about the nuts and bolts of Register.

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