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Announcement: A New Localist


Today is a really exciting day for us. It marks the beginning of the next chapter of our company.

Localist began as a destination site, built to help people discover great events right in their backyard. Over time, we realized the core platform could be put to amazing use as an online event calendar for universities that needed to better connect their students to what’s happening on campus.

Since our inception, we’ve received lots of interest from smaller businesses and organizations. Their requirements for an online event calendar were simpler, but we had to turn them away, as Localist’s enterprise features were too robust for their needs.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new versions of Localist designed with these smaller organizations in mind. Using their feedback as a divining rod, we set out to deliver versions of Localist that are simpler and more affordable.

Here’s the complete product lineup:

Localist Basic
For small entities that need basic event organization functionality, such as bloggers, amateur sports teams, and meet-up groups.

Localist Premium
For organizations like restaurants, local radio stations, and concert venues that need more promotional features and audience social engagement.

Localist Enterprise
Still the most powerful online calendar on the planet, with a flexible design that fits seamlessly with your brand and with features that make managing thousands of events fun and easy.

For our current Localist Enterprise customers, we’re rolling out hundreds of updates across the platform today. Virtually every page has been reworked and improved based on user feedback.

If you’re interested in Localist Basic or Premium, we’re offering invitations for a free trial on a first-come, first-served basis. Want an invite? Sign up here.

One More Thing
In 2012, we launched Tailgate, Localist’s native mobile app. It was originally offered to Enterprise customers at an additional fee, but today I’m happy to announce that Tailgate is now included with Localist Enterprise. We want you to help your audience find nearby events by providing them with a truly native mobile experience. Now you can, and we know you—and your audience—will love it.

Today’s announcement is a huge milestone for Localist; we’ve come a long way in a short time. We can’t wait to see how you use Localist next.


CEO, Localist

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