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9 Winning Library Blog Post Ideas

It’s no secret that blog posts are a great way to keep your community engaged with your library. It’s also a great opportunity to attract a new audience who might not be aware about your library’s resources. But what do you do when you’re facing writer’s block?

Chances are there’s always something going on at your library. Whether it’s a book club, resume building workshop, or read-a-thon, your events can serve as the baseline for your blog content.

Worried about having a lull? Don’t worry, here are some great ideas to include in your next library blog post.

1. Resume writing tips

Target audience: Job seekers.

For your call-to-action, you can encourage readers to come to your library for any relevant job seeking seminars you host. If you don’t have an event, reference a book on your shelves and encourage them to either come in or check it out online via your database.

2. Interview a local artist

Target audience: Art, music and film lovers.

Leverage the arts for getting cool points for your library as well as fostering some community pride. Take a look at how Albany Library’s blog successfully incorporated their community and lovers of the arts.


3. Review your library’s music collection

Target audience: Music lovers.

Do you have tons of music in your library? Turn your library’s blog into a mini Rolling Stone and review the different genres in your collection. 

4. Highlight Local resources for residents

Target audience: Community residents.

Provide locals with information about community activities, sustainable food options, health services, classes, places to eat, and other happenings in your area.

5. The story behind a local landmark

Target audience: Community residents.

Libraries have historically been the center of the community, providing valuable resources. Show people that hasn’t changed. Check out how Santa Monica Public Library highlighted landmarks in their town and invited readers to attend their upcoming event.  


6. Tips for prepping for college tests

Target audience: Current and prospective students.

Provo City Library highlights which books are available to check out for tests such as the GED, ACT, SAT, GMAT and more. When test dates are on the horizon, you can incorporate study tips and highlight what study resources your library has to offer.

7. How to prevent cyberbullying

Target audience: Parents.

The Internet is a powerful tool, but it can have an ugly side. Allow parents to learn more about social media and the web so they can help protect their kids from cyberbullies and predators alike.

8. Review a poet’s body of work

Target audience: Book lovers and book clubs.

To promote their poetry events, the Santa Clara County Library District showcased a “Poem of the Month,” by featuring videos of  poets on their blog.

9. Add a local twist on a recipe from a famous chef’s cookbook

Target audience: Book lovers, book club and local foodies.

What makes your area special? Do you have stellar tomatoes, luscious avocados or zesty zucchinis grown locally? Incorporate them into a recipe and point readers to local farmers markets in the community so they can make the dish themselves.

Whatever you decide to write about, make sure you include a nice call-to-action to drive more people to your library’s services and resources. Are you still stuck for ideas? Look at other public libraries around the web. They offer some great examples. To be honest, most of your best inspiration will come from your own staff or library visitors, so be sure to ask them what they’d want to read.

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