8 Questions to Ask Before Buying Event Marketing Software


With more people craving experiences over things, big brands and small organizations alike are investing in events like never before. As a result, many professionals want event marketing software to make their jobs a little easier. However, if you don’t look before you leap, you can have an expensive mess on your hands. But how can you be sure you’re making the right decision and avoid buyer’s remorse?


When evaluating new event marketing software, one of the most important things you can do is ask the right questions to potential vendors.

Check out my eight questions to ask before pulling the trigger on buying new software.

1. What does it take to implement and manage your product?

Is this a straight out-of-the-box solution where all you need to hit is a go button to get started or does it require setup on your end? Be sure to find out if you need any technical ability to get your software up and running. Also don’t be afraid to ask what does it take day-to-day to manage it. Would anyone efficient with computers be able to easily manage it or would they need training? Buying software you can’t get up and running or maintain won’t make you a hero in your department.

2. How often do you have product updates?

Although there’s no right answer to this question, you don’t want a product that stays stagnant. Event marketing trends move fast, so you want software that can keep up. Be aware of how often your vendor will be deploying new features, bug fixes and updates so you’re not stuck with an unsupported product.

3. What type of customer support is available?

The only thing worse than hitting a roadblock in your online event marketing efforts, is not having anywhere to turn for help getting over the hurdle. Find out if you can submit a ticket, email or live chat with a support specialist and when a live-person is available. If they don’t offer 24/7 support, that’s not a deal breaker, make sure they have a complete knowledge base, outlining every aspect of the platform as well as tips, tricks and best practices.

4. Is there a white label version?

Logos and color are important to your brand, but that’s just the bare minimum. Make sure that any software you purchase that’s publicly facing can be completely customized so your organization’s brand is never compromised. When people come to a Localist event marketing calendar, we want our customer’s event marketing to shine. We offer customizations allow customers to integrate their website’s header and footer, as well as access to customizing their platform’s HTML so that their users will never know they’re using third-party software.


5. Who are your other clients?

Ask for success stories from other customers who use the product. See if you can get references so you can hear all the details straight from the horse’s mouth. Happy clients are a great sign that you’ll also find success with the product. Take it a step further and ask for stats. When it comes to event marketing, results are key, so you want to ensure that it’s not all talk.

6. What are the terms of the contract?

Software contracts can be filled with fine print. Make sure you know what your annual fee will be, what additional costs you might incur, if you need to add licenses, and if there is an auto-renew clause.

7. What integrations are available?

Introducing new software can be complicated, especially if you already use several other systems. You want your new event marketing software play nice with others. If you’re upgrading systems you don’t want have to start from scratch, find out if you can easily import data from your old solution to your new one. Also if you want to people to be able to spread the word about your events, ask if there’s a way to integrate social media with the product.

8. How easy it is to add additional users?

As your organization grows, you’ll probably run into a situation where you need to add more licenses. Make sure you know how easy it is to add users to your account or package, what the training will be like for those later users, and what costs you might incur.

What questions has your organization found to be important when evaluating event marketing technology?

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