7 Time-Saving Features Your Website Events Calendar Should Have


Time—some say it heals, some say it flies, and some say it makes fools of us. No matter what people say about time, everyone wants more of it. In each workplace and organization, saving time comes from being more efficient and automating tasks. Your website events calendar should help you accomplish these goals.

At Localist, we know a thing or two about saving our customers’ time. When we hit 100,000 events across all of our customers, we calculated that on average, five minutes were saved per event, which equals 8,300 total hours of administrator time saved. That’s almost an entire year’s worth of hours!

Now, in the spirit of saving you even more time, click here to read about what key time-saving features that you should see in your website events calendar.


New Feature: Recurrence on the public event submission form

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