6 Reasons Why Students Aren’t Using Your Calendar (and How to Fix!)


Emily Hite, who recently joined the Localist team in June 2013, is also a recent college grad. She inherently has a fresh perspective on how students interpret the efforts by college staff when it comes to getting a community engaged. Sometimes, despite a school’s best intentions, they miss the mark. What follows are Emily’s keen insights.

You’re already ahead of the game: your institution has a master calendar that brings together all  your campus events, from the biology department to athletics to greek life. But what if you aren’t receiving the traffic or student interaction you had hoped for? If you truly have an efficient, user-friendly calendar, then the lack of engagement might be a result of a communication issue.

As a 2013 graduate, my college experience is fresh in my mind. Click here to read the 6 reasons why I’ve found current students aren’t considering the university events calendar in their own college experience…and how to fix! 


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