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5 Trends to Watch to Heat Up Your Summer Events


The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. People are emerging from the dreary winter weather, so make sure your event is a hot enough to get on their to-do list by incorporating these top trends into your events strategy. 

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Personalized experiences

Say goodbye to “dear john” experiences. Customized and unique experiences will not only enhance the attendee experience, they’ll spark word-of-mouth marketing about your event and brand.

The College Football Hall of Fame asks attendees who their favorite team in the museum’s radio-frequency identification software. Then, they are treated to customized exhibits such as a wall of helmets featuring the headgear from their favorite team.

A personalized experience empowers your organization to deliver a personalized follow up, which can increase conversions such as new customers, upsells and more.

Sponsorship matchmaking

Although brands find benefits in hosting and sponsoring events, they’re becoming increasingly selective in participating with sponsorship opportunities. Services like Sponsor My Event and Sponsia let you enter your event information on their website. Then, they try to match you with sponsors looking to reach your audience and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Cashless payments

Pay close attention to this trend, especially if your event is lively and audiences want to minimize the time wasted fumbling around for cash. Younger audiences such as millennials are also more inclined to spend more at your event if there are cashless options.

Here are some cashless payment tech options to explore using for your events:

Influencer partnerships

This summer, make sure influencers are invited to your events and incorporated into your promotion efforts. Collaboration with influencers is the key to breaking through the noise and attracting more people to your event. They can help spread the word about your event to their audience, who might not know your brand.

If you’re trying to attract the right people–not just more people– influencers can give your event a seal of approval and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for anyone who didn’t make the guest list, causing more buzz around your brand. Today’s influencers aren’t limited to celebrities, they could be brand advocates, bloggers, or Instagram or Snapchat personalities who have a large following. Be sure to do your research to ensure your influencer is a good fit for your brand, audience and event.

Reinvestment in traditional marketing spaces

Digital marketing has been incredible for the events industry. Technology has allowed marketers access to robust data that was previously unavailable or difficult to collect. The result led to a much more crowded marketplace in the digital world. In response to this, some of our customers have cut back spending on social media and other digital channels and increased budgets for more traditional tactics such as print ads and direct mailers to stand out. Keep an eye out to see if this will become a larger trend in 2017!

What are some other trends event pros should keep their eye on?

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