5 Reasons Your Online Event Calendar Should Let Users Submit Content


Nothing gets a community going like user-generated content. People tend to engage more with an organization, venue, or brand when they feel like they’re part of an active online community. Successful businesses and organizations know how to leverage this innate human social quality to keep people interested and involved. That’s why we strongly encourage organizations—Localist customers or not—to allow their users to submit events to their online event calendars.

You’ll see we said “encourage,” and not “force.” We know that online event calendar administrators might be hesitant to allow their users too much access for fear of inappropriate events or spam. That’s where our layered permissions that allow admins to moderate user submitted events come in. With that worry gone, let’s focus on the major benefits we see as reasons to allow users to submit content to your online event calendar. We’ve talked about this before for colleges and students, and many of the same concepts apply in the light of a general community, as we’ll cover below.

Click here to read about the benefits of allowing users to submit content to your online calendar. 



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