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5 MORE Promotion Ideas to Make Your Events Successful


In our last post, we shared a few ways you can promote your organization’s upcoming events. We’ve been thinking about additional event promotion ideas, and how we can take advantage of social media, as well as people’s enjoyment of sharing what’s going on in their lives.

For one thing, your guests can be mini-marketers for your events. Let them spread the word on your behalf. But don’t forget to make their lives easier or send the occasional gentle reminder. Here are five ideas for you to promote your upcoming events.

1. Share videos and pictures after the event, especially recurring events.

People are the best promoters of events, using their own social networks to show their friends what they were up to at your event. They’ll always show the best photos of themselves having a good time, which is what marketers want to show anyway. This is especially useful for recurring events, because this reminds people to attend the next one.

Boston Pops Holiday Concert (Photo: Chris Devers, Flickr, Creative Commons)

Boston Pops Holiday Concert

Consider having a photo/video contest to help promote the events as well. For example, ask for photos of your next 5K fundraising run, or for the area holiday concert. You can also host the photos and videos on your own calendar, and not just a specific social network, so people can see them as part of the event.

2. Let people tie their social media profiles into the calendar account.

The big social networks are the most obvious place to share those videos and pictures, but they will let you do so many other things. People can tell their friends they’re attending your events, and they can invite their own friends. You can even use Social Sign On, which lets people sign in to your organization’s calendar through their favorite social network, rather than setting up a separate account.

3. Invite local and industry bloggers and other influencers.

Add local influencers to your marketing mix by inviting them to your events. Contact them individually, rather than sending a generic press release, and let them know why you think they would enjoy the event. Give them VIP access, let them in early, and allow them to take photos and interview principals associated with the event. This will encourage them to not only promote the event beforehand, you can also use their post-event writeup to promote future events.

4. Use one-click add to people’s personal calendar.

Many of us live and die by our personal calendar. The best way for us to remember an event is to schedule it. If you want people to remember your event, make it possible to add it to their calendars with a single click. If events are easy to add with that single click, people are more likely to do it, which means they’re more likely to remember and attend.

5. Use email reminder for registrants.

Be sure to email participants and remind them of the event. Don’t assume that just because they bought tickets or RSVPed that they’re going to remember to come. Send out email reminders a week before, the day before, and the morning of the event. Also consider putting upcoming events in your email footers, changing your footer with every new event.

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Photo credit: Chris Devers (Flickr, Creative Commons)

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