5 Colleges and Universities That Rock on YouTube in 2018

How does YouTube play into your enrollment marketing strategy? Sure, you can slap a commercial for your school onto your YouTube channel and call it a day, but prospective students want more. When it comes to higher education, students have more choices than ever.

Today’s high school students are super Internet savvy, meaning their research isn’t limited to your website and campus tour. According to a Zinch study, 42% of teens use YouTube for researching colleges. And what they find on social media matters, 38% of those surveyed said it played a critical role in making their final school selection.

The key to having your YouTube channel be more than a bunch of boring commercials is to add that secret sauce that makes your school awesome. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you. Listed in no particular order are five schools that are rockin’ on YouTube.

1. New York University

Could NYU be anymore New York? Its #nyustyle video series highlights fashion looks from the first week of school. When it comes to school choice, prospective students value culture and environment. With this video, NYU is highlighting its uniqueness to urbanites and wannabe urbanites alike who can’t wait to take the Big Apple by storm.

It’s clear NYU knows what makes it special and its target demographic. Like most university YouTube pages, NYU showcases student life and its academics, but stands out with its portrayal of student culture and the biggest character of all, New York City.

2. The University Of Oregon

The University of Oregon utilizes it diverse campus culture to showcase various faculty and students with it's #ThrowYourO campaign. This campaign highlights the unique folks on campus and allows for prospective students to see the variety of individuals on campus. This is great for prospective students who are concerned about 'fitting in' on campus. 

3. Mount Holyoke

Thanks to the Great Recession, the liberal arts education has been under attack. With student debt levels rising and critics arguing about the value of non-STEM majors, students and parents alike want to be able to get a good education that leads to a good job. Mount Holyoke’s Classroom Experience videos demonstrate how liberal arts classes can be practically applied to a job.

What’s better than a school that offers a great education and gets the demand of the real world? Aside from free tuition, not too much else.

4. MIT 

MIT's channel has a bevy of content that appeals to wide variety of audiences. They also segment their content well, so users can easily find what they are looking for. MIT has a powerful brand that is global. This means MIT's channel appeals to more than just a prospective student audience. Much of MIT's content is very informative, scientific, and explanatory, as you would expect from MIT. For a quick taste of their content, check out this slightly horrifying video of a robotic cheetah running on a treadmill. 

5. The University of Texas at Austin

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including The University of Texas at Austin’s YouTube channel. The page features student entries from its film contest, inventors of the year, and the hidden gems of UT (since the campus is so big). This channel takes the cake for having a wide variety of great content. What makes this page stand out is how they repurposed one of UT’s commencement addresses, from Admiral McRaven, into mini-lessons.

Between tips like the importance of making your bed, singing in the mud and sliding head first, Admiral McRaven’s messages integrate nicely with UT’s channel. From these videos, prospective students get great advice and understand the university’s environment before even stepping onto campus.

How will you make your YouTube channel stand out?

YouTube isn’t the only way your school can leverage social channels. Learn why your events calendar should be social, too.


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