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Must Attend 2017 Event Marketing Conferences

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Event marketers boast multiple skillsets — they have to be sophisticated marketers that can draw the right crowds, technologists that know how and which technologies to implement that will blow their event out of the water, and data scientists that know how to measure and act on to event data.

Luckily there are a slew of marketing conferences that can help you learn best practices and technologies that you can implement the second you get home plus connect you with other rockstar event marketers! The following are our top favorites for this calendar year. For a complete list of all the marketing conferences in the U.S., see our event marketing calendar.

C3 Conductor

Website: https://c3.conductor.com/

Dates: March 1-2, 2017

Location: New York City, NY

Why Attend? While this conference doesn’t have direct experiential marketing tracks, C3 Conductor is a meeting place for hundreds of global marketing execs from top brands around the world and focuses on optimizing organic channels. We have learned a lot through their brand building workshops that can be applied in the experiential space.

Experiential Marketing Summit

Website: http://emsummit.eventmarketer.com/

Dates: May 14-16, 2017

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why Attend? We love this conference! It is the only dedicated experiential marketing conference around, bringing together 2,000 of the best marketers to discuss all things experiential marketing. You’ll hear from and rub elbows with top heads of experiential marketing from Pepsi, Microsoft, Twitter, Bacardi, American Express and Ford to name a few.

Event & Arena Marketing Conference

Website: http://www.eventarenamarketing.com/

Dates: June 14-17, 2017

Location: Tulsa, OK

Why Attend? For event professionals that cross the scope of the live entertainment industry, the Event & Arena Marketing Conference has tracks dedicated to marketing, publicity, promotions, group sales, live touring shows and arenas.


Website: https://moz.com/mozcon

Dates: July 17-19, 2017

Location: Seattle, WA

Why Attend? MozCon is a digital marketing conference that covers everything digital marketing from how to optimize your website to how to make better data driven decisions. We like this conference because it highlights how to use data to make smarter marketing decisions, even with event marketing.

HubSpot’s Inbound

Website: http://www.inbound.com/

Dates: September 25-28, 2017

Location: Boston, MA

Why Attend? Join 19,000 attendees to get energized about how to rev up your inbound experience with keynotes, innovative talks, breakouts and networking. Many breakouts focus on experiential marketing. Past keynote speakers have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Serena Williams, Alec Baldwin, and Arianna Huffington.


Website: http://martechconf.com/boston/

Dates: October 2-4, 2017

Location: Boston, MA

Why Attend? Technology is helping us plan, host, and measure events in ways like never before. Learn about the latest marketing technologies that can help transform your event from eh to wow!

MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum

Website: http://mpb2b.marketingprofs.com/

Dates: October 3-6, 2017

Location: Boston, MA

Why Attend? The top B2B conference that gathers the top marketers from around the world to share success stories, hear from thought leaders, and learn the latest trends in the B2B space.

EventTech Conference

Website: http://eventtech.eventmarketer.com/

Dates: November 13-15, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Why Attend? Hear from top marketing technologists as you learn how to better connect your brand (and events) to social media and technology. We love that this event gathers 1,000+ both B2B and B2C marketers.

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