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19 Reasons to Switch Your Online Event Calendar to Localist


There are many online event calendar solutions out there, though none of them are quite like Localist. We’re biased when we say so, for sure, but hey, we’ve also been given sole-source status in many states because of our unique features. We don’t normally write posts that focus so much on Localist, but we wanted to let you know about a new promotion we’re offering.

We’ve now had quite a bit of experience with switching customers to Localist from other online event calendar providers. Since it’s easier for us to make the switch than to start from scratch, we’ve decided to waive our set up fee if you switch from Trumba, R25, or EMS to Localist. Check out the details for that here, and read on for the reasons why you should switch.

1. Look and feel

Localist has a cleaner look and feel than other calendar providers, making our online event calendar easier to use for both administrators and website visitors.

2. Flagship product

For us, our online event calendar is our only product, and receives our full attention. We’re constantly working to improve our features and functionality. For some other providers, the calendar is not their flagship product, and doesn’t receive the kind of full attention necessary to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing technology.

3. Separate from room scheduling

Localist’s calendar features aren’t muddled together with room scheduling features. We’ve heard from customers who once used room scheduling software to power their calendars that, with this system, they had a hard time keeping private room scheduling information off their public events calendar. Their event attendees didn’t need to see where the catering prep rooms were, but their room scheduling software displayed that information publicly. 

4. Room scheduling integration

We don’t include room scheduling features, but we do integrate with major room scheduling software providers. That way, you have the features you need for an online event calendar, nothing more—but you can still take advantage of a calendar and room scheduler that work together.

5. Just the features you need

Beyond staying separate from room scheduling, Localist keeps all features calendar and events related. Some other online event calendar providers pile on heaps of features, such as sales tracking. We provide what you need to have an amazing online calendar, and keep all the clutter out of your way.

6. Lightning-speed updating

Our quick event uploading and editing features are unparalleled. This is because of both small touches, such as automatic date reformatting, and big picture features such as bulk uploading and feed importing.

7. Top-notch social integration

Our social calendar features are the best in the industry. Other online event calendars claim to be social because they have sharing buttons, but the ability Localist provides to sync Facebook events and have conversations around events make our online event calendar truly social.

8. No training necessary

You don’t need specialized training to update a Localist calendar. We’ve heard our current customers complain that their past provider’s software created huge event uploading and editing bottlenecks, because only a few people on campus knew how to work the software. This isn’t a problem with using Localist, because Localist feels just like using most other popular apps out there—if you can figure out Facebook or Pinterest, you can figure out Localist.  Of course, we’ve still got support, documentation, and tutorial videos to make the process even easier, but there’s no need for extensive, specialized training. 

9. Public event submission

Most other online calendar platforms don’t allow the public to submit events. Localist, on the other hand, encourages our customers to allow their community to add events. This makes your event calendar more comprehensive, increases community engagement—and saves calendar administrators a ton of time. Instead of having to collect a mass of data about an event, all administrators have to do is click “approve” for events in the pending queue.

10. Simple pricing

Unlike with some other online event calendar providers, with Localist, you don’t have to worry about paying more when you’ve got more traffic, or being nickel-and-dimed for adding on individual features. Just one simple price.

11. SEO optimization

Search engines love us because of our careful attention to SEO best practices in our code. Other online event calendars don’t make event content easily searchable, and are virtually invisible on the Web.

12. Duplicate event notification

Our duplicate event notification makes uploading events super easy. With other online event calendars, you might have to search through your events to find out you’ve added a duplicate. Our platform is smart enough to let you know before the event is even created.

13. Beautiful, easy images

It’s easy to handle event images on Localist. With us, your online event calendar looks good! Plus, with smart “image fallback” functionality, if the event itself doesn’t have a photo, Localist will display a photo of the event’s venue, or associated group. Your audience will rarely see a plain looking event.

14. Location and maps integration

Our location and Google Maps integration is as in-depth as you can get, especially with the release of our native mobile application, Tailgate.

15. Fun!

According to our customers, our interface isn’t only easy to use, it’s fun! Of course, they don’t say this about their past providers.

16. Calendar unification

Because of Localist’s centralized mentality and widget features, our customers can unify calendars across many different departments. This cuts down on duplicate entry and is less confusing for end-users.

17. User adoption

Our customers have found that their communities actually use Localist, unlike with past calendar providers. Adoption is a huge part of what makes our customers happy.

18. Automated marketing

Our automated newsletters and email reminders help you spread the word about events with ease and engage your community. In our recent user survey, 58% of users said they’d like to find out about events via email. Localist makes it extremely easy to give users what they want.

19. Build on us—or not

Unlike with some online event calendar options, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with Localist. We have a powerful API that makes it easy to build on our software. Then again, we’ve already created such a powerful online event calendar, there’s not much left to build!

Whew—that’s a long list, but truthfully, it hardly scratches the surface. Contact us to find out more about switching to Localist!  

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