10 Features Your Tourism Organization’s Calendar Needs


A tourism website should be designed as a solution for visitors, residents, businesses and administrators. While each of these target audiences act uniquely within the operations of a tourism website and calendar, the value of facilitating a relationship between these groups is immeasurable when serving the community. 

An important principle when developing and managing a tourism website is that it should belong to the community it represents. The community should have a sense of ownership over the content displayed, even if they aren’t directly administering it. Keeping this in mind, a tourism website’s goals should include:

  • Showcasing a connected relationship between government, businesses, residents and visitors.

  • Turning viewers into visitors and residents into explorers.

  • Expanding tourism beyond downtown or common tourist attractions.

  • Purifying the collaboration process between organizations.

  • Raising awareness of niche tourism markets.

Click here to read about the  10 features your tourism website’s events calendar needs to help you accomplish these goals. 

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