If you have events on your site, you need an Event CMS

Centralize event marketing workflows and empower your team with the Localist Event CMS.

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Create powerful event experiences without touching a line of code

Marketers are tasked with the challenge of crafting the perfect message for their prospects. Localist channels empower marketers to create precise event experiences for every segment of their target audience.

Localist works seamlessly with all of your existing tools

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White-labeled event registration

Your branding, your registration experience. Localist’s Register offers compliant, secure and customizable event registration directly on the event landing page, keeping the marketer in control. Moreover, Localist is compatible with any 3rd party registration system, effectively eliminating data silos.

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Any organizational structure, any event strategy

The Localist Event CMS has admin tools designed to empower any organization, in any industry. Powerful permissions, drag and drop editors, event centralization tools and intuitive classifications allow organizations to plan, run and optimize event marketing campaigns with speed and precision. No developers required.

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Own, extract, and distribute your event content

The Localist API presents every possible data point related to your events. This data is delivered in a utility driven JSON format, allowing your developers and partners to utilize your event content in any way they would like.

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Discover the power of an Event CMS.

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