Tailgate: Your Events on Mobile

Get your own branded calendar in the App Store.

Localist is in Apple's App Store

Why Tailgate Rocks

Social media enabled

Tight integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to check in with your friends and see what others are up to.

You're in the App Store

List in Apple's App Store, Google's Marketplace, and others.

Add to my calendar

We take advantage of the unique abilities of the iPhone to plug into apps like Calendar, Mail, Safari, Maps, and more.

Check in here

Users can "check in" to events when they're right here, right now.


Your users can check out the events near them, whether they're in a building, a school campus, or cozy in their homes.

We look like you

Tailgate is fully white labeled, just like Localist. It adopts your brand so your users never confuse where the content is coming from.

Built on Localist

We built Tailgate on top of Localist's API, so administrators can use the same powerful tools to manage event content across all media.

Enter once, share everywhere

Just like Localist, event data is automatically gathered from dozens of independent sources like scheduling systems, saving time and money for administrators.

Use Tailgate with Localist

...or by itself! While Tailgate complements Localist perfectly, you can take advantage of Tailgate without changing from your current online calendar.

See Tailgate in Action

Screenshot of Events@TU splash page
Screenshot of Events@TU event list page
Screenshot of Events@TU event details page
Screenshot of Events@TU map page

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