Interactive Calendar Software

Simplify your events.

Centralize Your Events

House all of your events under one roof

Centralize your events in a single system, eliminating duplicate work and confused administrators.

Bring your existing calendar with you

Switching to Localist doesn't mean you have to start over. Localist imports events from your existing calendar for a seamless transition. Let us worry about hosting your calendar.

No training required

If you know how to browse a website, you know how to manage your events in Localist.

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No More Busywork

Quick & easy recurrence scheduling

Pick a recurrence schedule in seconds and change it when plans shift.

Automatic event merging and de-duplicating

Never wonder if an event has already been entered by someone else. Localist already knows, and will let you know.

Bulk uploading

Add hundreds of events to your Localist calendar in one step, or automatically with feeds.

Smart Curation

Featured events

Highlight important and exciting events that your visitors shouldn't miss.

Trending events

Let Localist's intelligence find and display the most interesting upcoming events for your audience, not just the most popular.

Custom categories and filters

Match the expectations of your readers by describing events in terms they're already familiar with.