Optimize your event promotion with the right data.

Event Analytics

Gauge audience reactions before the event

What if you could know how much money you should spend marketing an upcoming event? Use Localist to track interest and planned event attendance, making smart choices about where you should dedicate resources.

EventScore™ intelligence

Localist's EventScore™ trending algorithm looks at dozens of factors to discover not just the most popular event, but the most interesting one. Localist automatically keeps tabs on the social pulse of your community.

Track attendance

Get the most accurate picture of who will attend your event in not just Localist, but all the social media and ticketing platforms you use.

Marketing Analytics

Google Analytics

Do more than just track the amount of hits your calendar gets. Localist passes a ton of additional data to Google to track how well your marketing efforts are working across the entire platform.

Social Analytics

See where your events are being talked about

Track the conversation wherever it's happening, measure your calendar's reach on the social graph, and learn where you should focus your event social outreach.

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